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At Pointz Acupuncture LLC, we specialize in offering acupuncture in Colorado Springs, CO. It is important to us that there is a place for people to go for holistic healthcare that is affordable. That is why we offer community style treatments.

Community style means that you will be treated in a large room where other patients will also be relaxing in lounge chairs as we stimulate acupoints, just like you. Most of the points we use are in the hands and feet. The way that the energy flows in the body, pretty much all issues can be treated just with those areas. So there is no need to have concerns about being exposed.

Actually, patients often feel even more relaxed after being treated by our community acupuncture in Colorado Springs, CO. It makes it a lot easier for friends and family to get treated at the same time as well. This is the way it is typically done in Asia. Treating this way allows us to offer a sliding fee scale as well, so that our patients can afford to come as often as needed.

Being treated frequently, sometimes more than once a week, is generally more effective and yields faster results than less frequent sessions. We offer some packages as well, which can get the cost per treatment down even lower. In addition, we have an experienced, licensed massage therapist to enhance your healing experience.

The goal of acupuncture, and Chinese medicine in general, is qi balancing. When your qi, or energy, is not in balance, illnesses and injuries can crop up. Acupuncture helps to get your energy back into balance so that your body can heal itself. Private room acupuncture is available Tuesdays and Fridays for those who may be uncomfortable with Community Acupuncture, or for those who need more 1-on-1 time, adjunctive treatment (such as E-stim, cupping, cold Laser, etc.) or more specialized Acupuncture, such as Opthalmology treatment, Pediatrics, Spinal treatment, etc.

Come in to Pointz Acupuncture LLC today and find out how much better you can feel. It is a great way to maintain your health as well. We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation ALWAYS!

Please be sure to wear loose clothing, eat 1-2 hours before your treatment, and do not brush your tongue that day.

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