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Pointz Acupuncture LLC is pleased to offer Chinese medicine in Colorado Springs, CO. This type of medicine is holistic, and we are passionate about offering quality care that is also affordable. We also offer Chinese Herbs and Formulas.

Acupuncture is one part of Chinese medicine, as is the use of Chinese herbs. There are a number of forms in which they can be prescribed. In some cases, we may suggest pills. These are easy to take with you and can be handy if you need to travel a lot, or if you need to take them for a while.

In other cases, we may give you an extract or have you make a tea or decoction at home. These teas will be made up of roots, leaves, barks, flowers, or other substances which you will need to cook together according to our specifications. Although they can be a bit bitter tasting, these decoctions are stronger than taking the herbs in pill form.

Herbs in Chinese Medicine are typically prescribed in combination in a formula. These formulas are created for each individual and are carefully put together in order to take into account not just what is being treated but also your personal constitution. Therefore, it is extremely important that you give us an accurate description of your health pattern.

Chinese herbs, whether in pill or in tea form, are often used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. The two together can combine to help you get better results in a faster amount of time. Other lifestyle advice may be given as well. All of these together, if followed as recommended, can help you make improvements in health conditions, even if they have been present for quite some time.

Ask us about Chinese herbal medicine and find out more about how it can help with your particular situation.

Using it along with acupuncture can often have you feeling better even faster than acupuncture alone.

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