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At Pointz Acupuncture LLC, we offer a number of ways that you can help yourself get in the best health possible. One of these is by providing you with a Qigong instructor in Colorado Springs, CO.

There are many forms of Qigong, but they can all be classified as a type of exercise for self-healing. They involve breathing in a specific way along with movements and/or body postures which positively affect your health in many ways. These exercises have been used for thousands of years as a way to extend longevity and improve health. Daily practice is a great at-home addition to acupuncture and herbal therapies.

Taiji is a type of Qigong and, actually, comes under the category of martial arts. Although it may seem strange that something practiced so slowly could be used for self-defense, that was the original idea. But it is also great exercise, and not just for older people.

Taiji helps to promote flexibility, coordination, balance, and more. It is often specifically recommended to people as they get older, as it can help with arthritis, with osteoporosis, and with memory, among other things. But it is a great habit to begin at a younger age as well.

Both of these exercise forms are great tools to use at home on a daily basis to help with relaxation. Practicing Taiji and Qigong can help you to lower your level of stress, strengthen your immune system, and work in tandem with the therapies, not just to get healthy, but to maintain wellness.

If you are curious about what these ancient exercises are like, come to a class today. That is the best way to learn what they are all about.

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